We use superior quality Wooden Temple, Wooden Idol, Wooden Statue raw materials like brass, silver, German silver, gold, wood carving, metal carving, minakari, fibre glass moulding. Procured from reliable local vendors, the raw materials are first tested and are then used for carving and producing different products. Once the products are prepared, they undergo a final quality testing procedure to present a flawless range.

We believe that perfection is the outcome of quality and we strictly adhere to it. From manufacturing to packaging we strictly follow the standard quality norms which matches the international standards.

Wooden Idol Manufacturers

Our main aim is to widen client base all over the world. We are well appreciated for durability and premium quality products by our satisfying clients in Indian as well as Overseas Market. These temples are appropriately put up to be kept in the house in such a way that is compact can be easily assembled anywhere according to choice.